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A. K.

October 28, 2018

My wife and I had Golden Bee Homes do some work at our residence and we were so
happy with the overall experience that we decided to use Golden Bee again for our rental
property at 18 Redwing Pl.

Initially we had talked to Jack about just sprucing up the main bathroom and the
hardwood on the 2“d floor. As you can imagine, once a job starts going one thing leads
to another and another.

With Jack’s expert advice and Pars’s exceptional attention to detail, we took the job
upward to include redoing all the hardwood throughout as well as remodeling the powder
room. Even though we weren’t thinking about it, once Pars explained the monetary
benefit of upgrading our windows, we did that too.

Yes, we went above and beyond our initial project but the end result is that we don’t have
to worry about upgrades for a long time and with better insulation the reduced energy
consumption will help with offsetting the expenditure.

Once again, even though I’ve said it verbally to J ack and Pars, thank you for your advise
and talents.