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How To Modernize Your Home in 2022

Modern dining room and kitchen; New geometric light fixtures and modern decor.

The arrival of spring often has homeowners itching to freshen up their space in new ways. Adding modern touches scratches that itch and elevates your home’s overall style with eye-catching detail.

Even if you’re not prepared to invest in a full renovation, there are small projects you can undertake throughout your home that pack a big punch. Get inspired with these four ideas to modernize your space this year.

Ditch the Distractions

Cluttered shelves, dangling cables, and fussy furniture do not create a modern look. Tackling this low-hanging fruit first will give you a quick payoff that instantly updates your home. Begin by scanning each room to see what can be simplified. Cut down on the number of trinkets, reevaluate your throw pillow collection, and hide cords or rewire technology to eliminate messy cables that can distract the eye.

Another tip is to consider removing nonessential furniture to create a better flow in your space. Modern homes don’t have something in every corner; space creates a feeling of ease and sophistication that is the focus of modern style. A simple declutter and rearrangement can make a world of difference. If you struggle with layout and creating a cohesive look in your home, a skilled interior designer can help you with space planning.

Fix Up Those Fixtures

An older home often comes with hardware that instantly dates it (think ’80s brass or ’90s gold). Swapping out doorknobs, switch plates, faucets, and light fixtures for more modern finishes is an easy way to incorporate a contemporary feel. Plus, most homeowners can handle the installation on their own without calling in a professional.

There are plenty of styles available. Lean toward matte finishes and clean, sleek lines for a modern feel. Grayscale and black tones are prevalent, but don’t be afraid to include an occasional pop of color.

Create a “Wow” Wall

In recent years, wallpaper has made a comeback. Sleek prints, with some even replicating the look of marble or wood, are ideal for creating an accent wall. However, the modern twist comes in how you utilize the wallpaper. Stay on trend by applying the statement paper to just one wall rather than the whole room. This technique creates a focal point with fun color and visual interest in what may otherwise read as an uninspiring space.

As a bonus, complement your new wall with a “wow” moment on the floor. Installing new flooring is an option if you have the funds, but a simple update to an area rug offers a fresh look.

Go Big!

A larger renovation will give you a bigger payoff if you’re serious about modernizing your aging home. Not only will it pull an older house into the 21st century, but it can also improve safety, efficiency, and resale value. Renovating spaces such as the kitchen, bathrooms, primary bedroom, basement, or even an entire addition, can increase your home’s value. Fun ideas that are trending right now include color cabinets over all-white kitchens, converting spare rooms into home offices, glass walls, and outdoor living spaces. Dream big and find what inspires you!

Modern Design, Historic Experience

Whether big or small, it’s critical to partner with an experienced builder for your next design project. The knowledgeable team at Golden Bees Homes offers complete renovation, interior design, and architecture services that you can trust.

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