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7 Ways To Take Your Kitchen Renovation To The Next Level

Newly renovated kitchen with modern shaker cabinets, open shelving, and new backsplash.

Whether you use your kitchen to create edible masterpieces or to finish homework over takeout, the heart of your home deserves to be a space where you can’t wait to spend your time. While it can be easy to get overwhelmed with kitchen design trends, take some time to think through how you use your kitchen daily and what improvements could be made to increase its functionality. Then, turn to a reputable local home design team to help convert your needs into a custom culinary space created just for you. 

1. Refresh the Overall Look with New Cabinets and Hardware

Storage will likely continue as the top priority for kitchen designs for years to come. With all that storage comes a need to balance functionality with beauty. One of the simplest ways to refresh your kitchen’s overall look and to make better use of that square footage is with new cabinetry and hardware. Get inventive with colors and materials that reflect your kitchen’s personality and aesthetic.

2. Get More Helping Hands by Adding a Second Sink

The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” shouldn’t ever have to exist in your home (or at least not literally). One of the best ways to invite a second pair of hands when prepping a big meal is by adding extra plumbing functionality. A popular option for this is to install a secondary prep sink in your island so that one home chef can wash and prep vegetables while the other uses the primary sink for the main course (or for cleanup!).

3. Create Efficiency with the Work Triangle

If you’ve ever had to cook in a kitchen that was too cramped or too spread out (such a thing exists?), you may have found yourself wishing for a better kitchen layout. The most efficient kitchens form a “work triangle” between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. If you’re often running between the sink and the stove or shooing helpers out from underfoot, changing the layout could make a big difference.

4. Add Your Personality with New Countertops and Backsplash Tile

When you want your kitchen to work better for you, it makes sense to consider the overall aesthetic at the same time. Even refreshing just the countertops and backsplash tile can give your kitchen an entirely new look while also improving the space’s functionality as a whole.

5. Rethink Appliances

Kitchen appliances have certainly improved over the decades, and they’re only getting better. The latest kitchen appliances are designed around how consumers want to use them. This looks like fridges built into kitchen islands, multipurpose ranges and ovens, and energy efficiency. 

6. Embrace Natural Light for a Warm Welcome

Sunlight brings feelings of happiness, especially when it comes to food! For your kitchen to be warm and inviting, plenty of natural light is a must-have whenever possible. If installing new kitchen windows isn’t an option, consider adding a skylight to bring warmth and natural light to your kitchen.

7. Choose Timeless Flooring

Beyond adding another way to express your personality in your kitchen, your kitchen floors have a hard job. After all, your kitchen floors have to withstand foot traffic, spills, and heat from appliances. If the floors in your kitchen are becoming more worn, consider installing a durable kitchen flooring material like engineered hardwood or even a stylish laminate for kitchen floors that work as hard as you do.

If your kitchen could use a face-lift, turn to Toronto’s kitchen renovation experts at Golden Bee Homes. We’ll bring our years of experience and passion for craftsmanship to create a chef-worthy space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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