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C. & A. Leech – Toronto

January 24, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

Recommendation Letter for Golden Bee Homes

We are pleased to offer a strong recommendation and endorsement for Golden Bee Homes without reservation.

As veterans of the Leslieville renovation scene, we’ve retained 3 separate contractors to conduct renovations on our home since 2007. Without question, Golden Bee Homes has been the very best of them, and the only one we’d retain again for upcoming work
without hesitation.

From the very beginning, every aspect of the renovation process has been a pleasure with Golden Bee Homes. To be specific:

  • the costing and quoting process was transparent, thorough, efficient, reasonable, and communicated with clarity and goodwill
  • Jack and all his people have been professional, skilled, capable, and imaginative with solutions to our challenges
  • Jack and all his people have also been charming, considerate, thoughtful, and personally engaging, and they’ve been a pleasure to have in our home
  • communication on every aspect of the project has been excellent
  • the entire Golden Bee Homes team has been very respectful of our time, with an excellent track-record for coming on-time to meetings and, on the very rare occasions when they were delayed, being very proactive in advising us of this beforehand so we could adjust our lives accordingly
  • the quality of the work itself has been superlative, from advice on how to proceed with specific issues to the choice of materials and quality grades, to the eye for detail on finishing and cleaning
  • timing of the overall project was exactly as agreed, with no major delays
  • Golden Bee Homes have provided several above-and-beyond human touches (welcome-back flowers after a vacation; a Christmas basket) to great effect

Our confidence in Golden Bee Homes is absolute, and there are no aspects of the entire renovation process that wouldn’t hesitate to place immediately into their capable hands.

We look forward to a long, ongoing relationship with them.