A. K.

October 28, 2018

My wife and I had Golden Bee Homes do some work at our residence and we were so
happy with the overall experience that we decided to use Golden Bee again for our rental
property at 18 Redwing Pl.

Initially we had talked to Jack about just sprucing up the main bathroom and the
hardwood on the 2“d floor. As you can imagine, once a job starts going one thing leads
to another and another.

With Jack’s expert advice and Pars’s exceptional attention to detail, we took the job
upward to include redoing all the hardwood throughout as well as remodeling the powder
room. Even though we weren’t thinking about it, once Pars explained the monetary
benefit of upgrading our windows, we did that too.

Yes, we went above and beyond our initial project but the end result is that we don’t have
to worry about upgrades for a long time and with better insulation the reduced energy
consumption will help with offsetting the expenditure.

Once again, even though I’ve said it verbally to J ack and Pars, thank you for your advise
and talents.


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W. P.

September 28, 2018

This Letter of Recommendation is for Jack and Golden Been Homes Team. I am happy to say that we have used Golden Bee Homes as our professional Renomark Renovator for large and small home renovations and repairs over the years. This year we hired them for fixing the leak in our basements well as a couple of plumbing issues in our home.

Jack and his team are honest and their work is the best quality. They are respectful of time, were punctual and completed the job in a timely fashion.

Without any hesitation, I have referred this company on several occasions to friends and family members.

I wish them continued and well deserved success.

We are proud of his achievements and we look forward to working with Jack and his team again.

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L. J.

June 21, 2018

We recently contracted Golden Bee Homes to do a basement renovation which included installing
a new bathroom.

Once we signed the contract with Jack Torossian, the owner of Golden Bee Homes, Jack had
activities started within days to prepare for the renovation.

Site supervisor Pars did an excellentjob of coordinating the many sub-contractors to ensure that
the project kept on schedule. When an issue with water came up in the basement, Pars
immediately arranged for it to be attended to. When painting got delayed because a painter had
to leave for family issues, Pars arranged for additional painters to come in to keep the project on
track. As a result, our renovation project was completed on schedule which is something you
don’t hear very often with home renovations.

Jack and Pars were always quick to respond to any questions we had during the renovation.
Pars also provided helpful suggestions along the way for some of the decisions we needed to
make. The sub—contractors showed up when expected and completed their work in a
professional manner. ‘

We are very happy with the completed basement renovation, the quality of work and the attention
to detail.

We would definitely recommend Golden Bee Homes for any home renovations you are

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F. F.

June 17, 2018

It took us a couple of months to find the perfect house to call home, after visiting many
potential houses with our realtor we found our home. It was one of these moments when you know
that this will be HOME. We moved in the end of 2016 with our one year old boy, couple of weeks later
we get a surprise visit from the contractor who built our beautiful home. Our house was a new built
executed by Golden Bee Homes; the visitor was Jack who is the owner of Golden bee homes.

We have known Jack and his team for two years now, they are a rare type of people which have
a lot of pride in their work and are always eager to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.
We moved form a condo where we didn’t need to worry about many things since everything is taken
care of by the building’s management. Without Jack and his team’s help our stay in our home would
have been a lot difficult since we don’t know anyone to ask about advice concerning home related

After the move we needed some help in some minor issues, Golden Bee Homes’ crew was
always ready to come and fix any problem in a very timely and professional manner. We had an issue
with one of the windows not opening properly, we contacted Jack for help. He was very persistent with
the window installer to get them to come and fix the problem even though they were always delaying.
Jack dealt with the issue as if he is fixing a window in his own home not a clients’ house, that’s the level
of dedication and pride they have in their job. Asl mentioned earlier it is not often that you meet such
people who always try their best to make your stay in your new home as relaxing as possible.

We were really lucky to have bought this house which we love everything about, excellent
layout, smart design high quality execution and finishing. Golden Bee Homes also have an impressive
attention to details, since I took a tour with Jack around the house and he told me how everything was
designed with the house residents in mind. In our family room there is a fireplace with a mantle
designed to place a TV on top, they incorporated a feedthrough in the wall so that all the cables are
hidden and the whole entertainment setup looks clean and clutter free. They could have easily
overlooked this but instead they took the time to do this intelligent design. A lot of other similar
examples we noticed in the house later on.

Moving from a condo to a house was a major move for us; it is a very interesting experience that
a family goes through so it is important that it is as much stress free as possible. Jack and his team
offered tremendous help and support in addressing all our worries, and we definitely recommend
anyone in a heartbeat to purchase one of their houses or get them to do any renovations/upgrades
needed for their current home. They have an amazing attitude, professional grade work, great job ethics
and exceptional after sale support.

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D. H.

May 18, 2018

Dear Jack,

This is a little note to recognize your huge efforts. As a company, you are to be commended on your
punctuality, honesty, and precise measures. You are always true to your word and fast to send your sub-
contractors to accomplish what you set out to do.

lam extremely happy and satisfied to use a Renomark renovator and would like to thankjack and his
team to take care of my Fence as well the roof work of my house.

We will recommend highly your services to anyone, and it is really unfortunate that I am selling my
home and moving to a condo.

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John G.

November 12, 2017

Our business relationship goes back to 2007, when you approached me with your desire to establish an ethical business relationship that would be beneficial for us both. I can honestly say that it certainly has been beneficial for me to be able to call on you for advise and expertise when my buyers and sellers needed your advise. You have always been able to provide us with excellent diagnosis of problems and you have always been able to find the appropriate solutions. My clients were always impressed by your honesty and that you tried to find cost effective solutions to their problems. I have always appreciated the many opportunities to refer my clients to you, with my complete confidence that they would be totally satisfied with the quality of workmanship and at a fair price. The satisfaction of my clients adds further to my own good reputation I have treasured since 1967. I have been active in sales and appraisals of residential real estate in Toronto since 1967 and I have sold 467 homes in Bayview Village, as of today. As a Life Time member in “The National Chairman’s Club” the highest award of Royal LePage I am committed to provide the highest standard of service excellence.

Since our first meeting in 2007 I have been able to depend on your honest and reliable service to me and to my clients. This history of reliability made it easy for me to entrust you with the management of the construction of my new 4,000 SF custom home. It was important for me to only be involved in the important major decisions. You have delivered what you promised. We have worked well together with your architect to produce plans for a home that would satisfy my demanding sense of style and practical saleability. Considering my landscaping background, it was important to me that it is well suited for the contour of our lot. I was happy that it was important to you to maximise my investment. Your keen understanding on where to spend my money wisely and where to cut back was most appreciated. Your designer and your trades are first class. Your dedication to your clients and your pursuit of excellence was again confirmed by a job well done at 41 Morewood Crescent.

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