S. M.

November 8, 2018

Approximately 4.5 years ago Golden Bee did a partial Reno of my condo. Their work included new kitchen, bathroom, fireplace extra storage and more. Jack, Pars and the rest of the team were a pleasure to work with. I was going through a difficult period in my life and they made the process stress-free. Their work is excellent and done on time.

On Feb 22 this year I had a total hip replacement. Since I am alone I was sent to Providence for rehab. While there I was told that I must have bars in my shower. So there I am, lying in a hospital bed barely able to walk!! I didn’t hesitate- I texted Jack of Golden Bee and told him my situation. I didn’t want just anyone installing bars on the tile of my beautiful master shower. I offered to have someone buy the bars and be there for the install. Jack responded immediately. He said it would be better if they got the bars to make sure they were the best for me and that they would install them with me present to ensure the placement was correct. At that point I didn’t know when I’d be released. He said just to let him know the day and Pars would be there. So at 1 pm on the day of my release Pars arrived with tools and bars AND the most gorgeous floral arrangement from the staff at Golden Bee!!! He had chosen it to match the painting in my dining area. See what I mean when I say that Golden Bee goes the extra mile for their clients? Jack treats all of us as family. Golden Bee stands by not only their work but more importantly their clients. You can rely on them to be there for you.

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C. T.

November 6, 2018

This letter is in support of Golden Bee Homes being awarded the Custom Builder and Renovator

of the Year award. Why? Because without this company, I wouldn’t be able to say that I have
moved into my dream home.

My story is one that stretched over months of searching for a home after having located from
New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario. My husband Albus and l toured many homes in many areas
before driving by 41 Morewood in the Bayview and Sheppard area. I fell in love with this home
right from the street — no other home that we had seen had such beautiful attention to detaii.
From the matching limestone on top of every window, to the beautiful mahogany front and
double garage doors, to the privacy trees they planted on the sides of the house… we knew we
had to see the inside.

Inside, the home continued to amaze us. It felt like the builder had thought of everything. We
loved the open plan made the home feel huge and bright, the unusual herringbone tiles in the
hallway, the wainscoting, the crown molding, that beautiful kitchen, the bathrooms that feel like
spas… the home had everything we could dream of, and more. Not to mention the things that he
thought ofthat we couldn’t see …like the built-in ceiling speakers, the security system, the energy
efficient lighting system and thermostat that we can control on our phone, the heated floors in
the basement. In one word we knew that we were getting a quality workmanship with quality

Albus and I made an offer that night and were thriiled when we found out that the home was
ours! We are so happy with our custom home and love showing it off when friends and family
come in to visit from New Brunswick or other countries.

When the time came to move in, Jack and his team were there to help us, every step of the way.
Every single time we called them, they came over to give us the Loyal treatment even on the
weekend. We were experiencing a different level of service. Working with a professional Builder
and Renomark Renovator is the right way to go.

Best wishes to Golden Bee Homes for their nomination as Custom Builder and Renovator of the

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S. S.

November 5, 2018

We have been using Golden Bee Homes as our contractor for both commerical and residential residential projects for many years. Jack. Pars and the crew having always been very professional courteous and provided excellent quality for the work done. They renovated and waterproofed the facade of one of our commercial properties in downtown Toronto and we  haven’t had a problem since. They recently rebuilt the laundry area of our mother’s home after hanrgnold prpceiblem and also repthced the stone on her walkway and everything was perfectly done.

We would highly recommend Golden Bee Homes to anyone looking for
high quality workmanship.

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H. T.

November 5, 2018

Over the years we used Golden Bee Homes a (Renomark Member) and its services several times. Jack and his team are real professionals. They are always on time and on budget. Working with them is a big peace of mind to us, we don’t need to babysit anyone.

One of the most important details is that they provide everything in writing, an easy contract that we understand. They always mention the starting date and approximate finishing date, as well the payment schedule. This year we did our interlocking in our backyard, and it looks fabulous.

Last year we introduced Golden Bee Homes and its team to our Daughter and Son in law, and they made a fantastic job that lead them to win an award.

We will recommend anyone to work with Golden Bee Homes, as they will not be disappointed by the level of expertise and the attention to details.
Please do not hesitate to call me, my home number is 905-8874771.

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A. K.

October 28, 2018

My wife and I had Golden Bee Homes do some work at our residence and we were so
happy with the overall experience that we decided to use Golden Bee again for our rental
property at 18 Redwing Pl.

Initially we had talked to Jack about just sprucing up the main bathroom and the
hardwood on the 2“d floor. As you can imagine, once a job starts going one thing leads
to another and another.

With Jack’s expert advice and Pars’s exceptional attention to detail, we took the job
upward to include redoing all the hardwood throughout as well as remodeling the powder
room. Even though we weren’t thinking about it, once Pars explained the monetary
benefit of upgrading our windows, we did that too.

Yes, we went above and beyond our initial project but the end result is that we don’t have
to worry about upgrades for a long time and with better insulation the reduced energy
consumption will help with offsetting the expenditure.

Once again, even though I’ve said it verbally to J ack and Pars, thank you for your advise
and talents.


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W. P.

September 28, 2018

This Letter of Recommendation is for Jack and Golden Been Homes Team. I am happy to say that we have used Golden Bee Homes as our professional Renomark Renovator for large and small home renovations and repairs over the years. This year we hired them for fixing the leak in our basements well as a couple of plumbing issues in our home.

Jack and his team are honest and their work is the best quality. They are respectful of time, were punctual and completed the job in a timely fashion.

Without any hesitation, I have referred this company on several occasions to friends and family members.

I wish them continued and well deserved success.

We are proud of his achievements and we look forward to working with Jack and his team again.

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