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G. Ross – North York

September 15, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

We purchased our house completely renovated from a fixer upper In Bay view Village, and from day one we were having plumbing problems in our basement.

We had one contractor in, who said that we had roots in our sewer system, and we had to break all the flooring and the concrete to fix the problem. We were really disappointed, but we wanted to get another thought, that is when we saw Golden Bee Homes Inc. in the Toronto Star Newspaper because they had won an award from BILD beginning of this year. We decided to ca ll them because they were fully-licensed and members of Renomark.

Jack’s approach was really professional and after investigating he was 100% sure that it was not a root issue as the closest tree was 100 feet away but rather a plumbing issue in the basement washroom.

So we wanted to hire him, and we were extremely surprised at the level of service and expertise from all their workers. They knocked down the bathroom and fixed the underground plumbing pipes and put the stuff back without wasting the previous materials.

I would certainly call them again and recommend them-to anyone in need of an honest and professional contractor.