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H & A

October 28, 2013

To all home owners planning renovations,

My wife and I were introduced to Golden Bee when our best f riend decided to renovate their kitchen. We were impressed with the quality of work and respected timelines. As we were getting quotes to renovate our kitchen, we decided to expand our requirements to include a change of the whole 1st floor tiles, a redesign of the kitchen layout, a move an existing door from the kitchen to the dining room and a removal of an empty bulkhead. Most of the contractors either quoted one element or another or referred us to other contractors for the rest of the project. It was such a relief to have Golden Bee quote us on the whole project, including electrical, plumbing, tiling, dry walling and kitchen design. It saved us so much time from running to different contractors and gave us the “one-throat-to-choke” ability.

After many meetings to narrow down all the requirements and they were many, like in any household, Golden Bee presented us a detailed quote and timeline of G weeks. We accepted and work started. Although our living accommodations were disrupted, Golden Bee personnel made our frustration bearable. With no kitchen, no washroom and no laundry room,. there staggered their work in such a way that our day to day activities were minimally impacted.

I witnessed their work and can report truly on the superior quality of craftsmanship displayed. Every minute detail was considered, every step explained. As with any renovation, my wife and I needed many changes and they were handled patiently and professionally. The result was a superb kitchen design built and great tile arrangement that creates an atmosphere of beauty and class. And, due to some savings and discount that Golden Bee arranges with different suppliers, we were able to come slightly
under budget. The whole project was completed in 4 weeks, from demolition of the initial kitchen, floor and bulkhead to delivering the final product.

I cannot stress enough the quality of work dropped on this project. Our family, friends and guests are enjoying their time in it. The fact that Golden Bee was a company that respected its word made the whole experience easier and stress free. I can recommend Golden Bee a 100% an honest, reputable and respectable company that cares about their customer and their satisfaction.

Thank you Golden Bee for a most comfortable environment.