Mauree | Golden Bee Homes


October 24, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:
After meeting with three different contractors, in March of this year I contracted with Golden Bee Homes Inc. to perform renovations to the second floor of my house. The renovations involved replacing old lathe and plaster in rooms with new drywall, painting, upgrading wiring and insulation, laying new floors and removing a structural wall to create one large room out of two.
My decision to work with Golden Bee rather than the two other contractors was based on several things. First, the principal of Golden Bee, Jack Torossian, struck me as very knowledgeable. After meeting with him and discussing the project I felt confident in his abilities and appreciated his suggestions. Second, his estimate was detailed enough that I could clearly see that he had listened to what I wanted and incorporated that into his costs. Third was the cost itself. Jack’s estimate, while not the lowest of the three, was very much in line with the other two I received. Finally, I had a deadline as to when the work had to be done and Jack assured me he was able to meet that deadline.
As the work progressed we encountered a number of unexpected events arising from work done by my prior contractor, all of which resulted in unplanned delays. Nevertheless, steps were taken by Jack to deal with these problems and even with the delays, Golden Bee was still able to meet my schedule. Problems were solved, the work progressed and all was done according to building codes and with the proper permits. The crews were polite and did their best to keep my house as clean as possible. Site supervision was done on a regular basis by Pars Margarosyan and, unless work had to stop to await permits or inspections, the crews were there everyday working. I asked for and received a weekly schedule and the tasks were completed according to schedule. When issues arose, and to be honest there were one or two, they were dealt with and resolved to my satisfaction.
To summarize, I was very pleased with the work done and the timeliness in completing the job. I have confidence in the abilities of Golden Bee and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.