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N. Muc – Toronto

June 18, 2013

Dear Jack,

My wife and I had been discussing renovating our home (circa 1911) for us and our newborn daughter but had no idea where to start and what kind of work to do – we were overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done and we were feeling a little lost.

We were also very skeptical about hiring a contractor for our home based on a previous bad experience we had with the company that renovated our basement in 2011. I recalled my experience with Golden Bee during the renovation and build-out of my warehouse and I figured I would give you a call to ask some questions about my house. Over the course of a few months as we spoke more and more often, I was surprised and pleased to learn that your main area of expertise is homes, older homes to be exact. It seemed like such a natural fit to get you over for a first-hand look at what we were up against and we are so happy that we did.

You arranged time to suit my schedule for consultations, waiting until after our daughter was sleeping, with meetings often running later into the evening until we were all rubbing our eyes from tiredness. After much discussion, we decided to do our main floor and kitchen – we felt this floor needed the most work and would benefit from a complete renovation.

Once we settled on the scope of work, you prepared a quote much quicker than we expected, and before we knew it we were signed and scheduled for demolition. You and your team work careful and quick, with trades scheduled “like a Swiss watch” – each one coming in at the exact time the other is finishing. It was a treat to watch the great workmanship, but also to see the care that Pars, Thomas and all of your trades took as they transformed our gloomy main floor into the bright and inviting living space that it is now.

There were problems – lots of problems, the kind that go hand in hand with a 100 yr. old house, but you and your team were always able to find creative and cost effective solutions to give us exactly the design that we were looking for. Every time I would call you or Pars to check or remind you of a detail, or tell you something I just remembered, you were always at least 1 step ahead of me.

We are happy to be in our home for the first time in a long time…My only regret is not discovering Golden Bee sooner.

Thanks for everything Jack! Next time we plan more work we will definitely be calling on you once again.