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R.A., Toronto

January, 2011

Recently I renovated my kitchen. To me it was a big project with lots of decisions making and problem solving demands, therefore I kept postponing it for a long time. Well, it was true until I heard about Jack and his “Golden Bee Homes” company, whom I asked to undertake the renovation.

It was a decision that I would never regret. Jack and his crew have taken care of every detail leaving no room for me to worry about anything. Thanks to Jack I knew exactly what to expect at the end of each day and at the end of the very day the expectations were there to be enjoyed. Jack came up with lots of valuable suggestions and made my decision making extremely easy. I learned a lot from him during the renovation. Among other things after hearing his favorite “Don’t worry, everything is possible and can be done” I learned to stay behind the scene and merely enjoy the results. It was extremely nice and pleasant working with Jack and his knowledgeable, cooperative crew.

They enlivened my project and the only regret I have this far is for not doing this earlier, because my kitchen looks fantastic thanks to “Golden Bee Home”. I probably will have some more future projects and I will never hesitate to do more work with him, because now I know what to expect to see. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone looking for assistance in their renovations. Sincerely, A.C., Scarborough

November 12. 2010 I would like gladly recommend Golden Bee Homes Inc., to anyone looking to renovate- whether a large or small project! Jack was very professional, punctual and meticulous. His crew was polite, did the work on time and kept the place orderly. The main floor of my “new house” is spacious, after removing several walls and making new openings on others, it looks lovely and modern My 40 year old home has been totally transformed! I think I’ll stay for a while!! Thank you Jack,