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S. M.

June 21, 2020

To whom It May Concern:

I hired Golden Bee Homes to do renovations in the condo I bought approximately six years ago and was very pleased both with the process and the result.  Then when I had hip surgery two years ago and they said I could not go home unless I had safety bars in my shower, I called Jack. He arranged for Pars to come with the bars and install them on the day I was released.   So, when I decided to renovate my foyer and guest bathroom, I did not even contact anyone else- I called Jack.  Their service begins right from the beginning.  Jack came and looked at what I was planning and gave me some excellent advice about design, materials, brands, and types of faucets as well as recommending where to go to shop.  I was particularly pleased with the quality of the custom vanity from the company he deals with. Once I had selected everything we met to review and sign the contract.

Because I am in a condo, I had to complete a Reno permission form and submit it to my Property Manager for approval prior to the job.  When I went to give it to him, he took one glance at it, said to me “This is the same company you used before?” I said yes, he signed it right there and then commenting on how professional they were and said he wished everyone would be like that!!

Pars was my Site Manager and promptly on the scheduled day he was there at 9am with the crew to do the demolition.  They completed it, cleaned up and took everything away.   Because this is a condo there are rules designating times of work and Pars made sure that they never started before 9 and always ended by 5.  My neighbours were most appreciative.  They put up plastic “curtains” to keep dust out of rest of house during construction.

The job started near the end of February… and the pandemic happened!  Thank God for Pars!! He went out and got all materials on site before the stores closed ( or we wouldn’t have had tiles and I don’t know what else!!) he made sure that only one trade was in sure at a time and that I was safe. (I had to be home during most of this time).  Because of the pandemic there were a few short delays, but Pars always kept me informed. I also think that because Golden Bee and Pars have a good working relationship with the various trades, those people were more inclined to give my job some priority. All the tradespeople were polite, professional, friendly, and skilled. Pars supervised and checked the work at each stage. I think that one reason Golden Bee is such a good contractor is because they have a designated and dedicated Site Manager. Although he may he supervising more than one job he was always here to review the scope of work prior to starting, came back during and always near the end of the day to inspect and make sure site was left clean.

The final product is even more beautiful than pictures can show and, as important, it is functional.  The vanity has amazing storage, the glass in tub is hinged to make it easy getting in and out (that was their suggestion) and Pars curved the top, so it is sleeker.  I must mention the “towel bars”.  When I said I wanted the deeper tub Jack immediately said I should have a safety bar to get in and out.  I did not want “little old lady” bars!!! So, I went to the recommended store with the measurements I had agreed upon with Pars and chose two bars that look like towel bars.  (I phoned and texted Pars from the store to make sure they were okay) Pars made sure there was reinforcement behind the tiles and installed them so they are the perfect height both outside the tub and inside for the shower. They look nice but they can be used for support.

So, I recommend Golden Bee to anyone who wants a quality renovation with no aggravation!! They always answer their phone – Jack, Pars, and the rest of the staff.