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Home Renovation Services in Bedford Park, Toronto, ON, CA

Do you want to add functionality, comfort, and appeal to your living space? Golden Bee Homes has you covered with premier home renovation services. One of the best things about home renovations is that they give homeowners an opportunity for self-renewal through careful repair or rebuilding. Golden Bee Homes is known for quality home renovations in Bedford Park, making our clients’ dreams become a reality.

Golden Bee Homes employee’s specialty teams are trained in the best principles and techniques of modern architectural design, interior design, project management, and home renovation services.

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There is no better time than now to invest in your home’s future. Renovations offer many benefits for homeowners, including an opportunity to restore and increase its value! Homeowners who want more functionality out of their living space can depend on Golden Bee Homes to make it happen. We offer the following award-winning home renovation services in Bedford:


When it comes to building a home addition, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every project requires an innovative approach that focuses on your budget and goals while maximizing the functionality of what you already have in place, whether this means better connectivity or increased storage space. We work with homeowners who want more out of their current design aesthetics as well as those planning new construction projects from scratch. We’ll make sure every detail falls into place so your home addition can truly shine!


Custom home builds are more than just a way to get the perfect house for you. It’s about creating something that will last through time and look great with everything else on its block! A custom-built home designed by an experienced builder can ensure your home has stand-out appeal. Golden Bee Homes tasks our experts to manage costs, schedules, risk management assessments, building permits, and more so you don’t have to. Experience gold-standard service and care from start to finish.

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With a variety of interior design options available, condo owners can get the best bang for their buck with the team at Golden Bee Homes. From small tweaks like one-room redesigns to whole-condo renovations, we can make your home feel brand new! We start with an evaluation and consultation, during which we find out what you’re looking for, then make a detailed plan so we can bring your vision to life while staying within budget constraints.


Kitchens are often the most popular room in your home, and because of this, they’re also one of the best places to add value. The National Association of Home Builders reports that 59% of homeowners recoup some or all renovation costs when renovating their kitchen! Let us help you enhance yours with the innovative design elements our team brings.

Transform your current kitchen into a thing of modern beauty. Contact us at 416-495-8282 to learn your Bedford Park kitchen renovation options.


Bathroom renovations are a cost-effective way to upgrade your home’s interior design and save money on your energy bills. New toilets, showerheads, and plumbing are designed with an eye toward efficiency! Learn how easy it is for homeowners who remodel or install a brand new bathroom to enjoy improved functionality and savings while adding value to their homes.


Add some pizzazz to your home with a master suite renovation project handled by the pros. Make your master suite a spacious sanctuary that adds comfort, improves functionality, and increases its appeal to future home buyers.


Home renovation is an exciting and rejuvenating process. It can help you create the perfect environment for living, working, or playing in your home! There are many reasons why people want their homes updated. Maybe you want to restore its look after years of wear-and-tear, or perhaps something is missing from your home design that will allow for more connection with your family. Whatever your inspiration might be, recruiting the professionals at Golden Bee Homes gives you the support and unparalleled workmanship you deserve.

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The Bedford Park community is designed for families with young children. The neighborhood boasts some of the area’s best public, private, and Catholic schools.

With convenient access to Toronto’s transit system, residents enjoy easy access to Toronto’s biggest attractions.

Bedford Park houses Wanless Park, the neighborhood’s largest park, which boasts tennis courts, basketball courts, a wading pool, a baseball diamond, a playground, and more.