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Home Renovation in CityPlace, Toronto, ON, CA

On its way to becoming one of the largest residential developments in the Toronto area, CityPlace is the place to be. Perfect for families and singles alike, you can find many things to do in Toronto’s downtown area. Here at Golden Bee Homes, we’re ready to help make your home a beautiful addition to the community.

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Our Renovation Services

Our comprehensive list of renovation services is just what you need to transform your home to match your vision, from functionality to energy efficiency and style. Golden Bee Homes does it all, whether you want to add more space, achieve the perfect aesthetic, or make minor, practical changes. Our home renovation services include:

Whole-Home Renovations

Are you looking to turn your home into something completely new, innovative, and tailored to meet your needs? Our experts are ready to deliver a whole-home renovation ranging from large-scale additions to complete layout changes.

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Master Suite Renovations

Is your primary bedroom not working for you anymore? Golden Bee Homes is here to change that. Whether you’re looking for a new aesthetic, more privacy, or increased comfort, our professionals can deliver.

Condo Renovations

As a robust city, a condo may be more suited to your needs. And while you can’t change what the outside of your building looks like, the inside is your canvas. We’ll help you make your condo a creation of your own design to fit your style.

Bathroom Renovations

Whether you want to add a luxury stand-up shower or eccentric tile design, or maximize storage space in your bathroom, Golden Bee homes can help. Our design experts can transform your bathroom from a simple throne room to a personal sauna.

For a bathroom that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and maybe even a little regal, call our design developers at (416) 495-8282 to schedule your renovation today.

Kitchen Renovations

As the centerpiece of your home, your kitchen can be more than just a place for cooking meals. Golden Bee Homes makes your kitchen the perfect conversation starter, from stunning backsplashes and floors to eye-catching cabinets and fixtures.

Home Additions

Do you need a personal office, want a guest room, or plan to expand the family? We have the perfect solutions for your home addition project. Add more space and functionality with the help of our design developers.

Custom Home Building

If you want to build an entirely new, custom home, look no further than our expert design-build team. We’re fully capable of providing customized renovation services to bring your vision to life.  

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We guarantee you’ve never experienced home renovations like the ones provided by Golden Bee Homes. We combine the power of energy efficiency and eco-friendly design with high-tech functionality to bring you a unique renovation experience we know you’ll love. Let’s bring your vision to life together.

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Fun Facts About CityPlace

A Perfect Mixture of Work and Play

CityPlace is a hotspot for professional singles and couples alike. It’s home to an 8-acre park, art galleries, and special events, including Movie Night In The Park.

A Commuter’s Dream

CityPlace residents enjoy easy commuting to and from work, stores, and offices, thanks to numerous streetcar lines, subways, and railways.

An Aesthetic Wonder

With its consistent growth of new developments, CityPlace transforms from daytime beauty to a city of lights at night — a picture-perfect sight.