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King City

Home Renovation Services in King City

Homes have changed a lot in the area since they started going up in the 1830s. Today, Golden Bee Homes offers a full range of home renovation services in Ontario. No matter how old or aged your home is, we can make any home feel young and new. From bedrooms and bathrooms to master suites and additions, our design-build teams have the skills, expertise, and eye for detail that will bring your dreams to life! 

Whole-Home Renovations

We offer a full range of home renovation services and can help transform your home to fit your lifestyle. It is our pleasure to incorporate the latest design trends to modernize your home and enhance your comfort.

Condo Renovations

We have extensive experience renovating condos in Ontario. We can incorporate additional storage space, enhance the lighting, and more. We guarantee that the improvements we make will comply with the condo association rules.

Kitchen Renovations

Our design teams can help you incorporate bold cabinets, kitchen islands, tile backsplash, stainless steel, fashionable colors, and more into your kitchen. We will make your kitchen the most comfortable room in your home.

Bathroom Renovations

Most people start and end their day in the bathroom. That is why bathroom renovations are high on every homeowner’s list. There is no question that an updated bathroom will add significant comfort and convenience to your life. At Golden Bee Homes, we can let the air and light in, liven up the room, expand storage space, update fixtures, and more. 

Basement Renovations

Your basement doesn’t have to be dark and dingy. We can transform it to include a home bar, home office, mother-in-law suite, home theater, game room, and more. We can ensure your basement has sufficient light, insulation, and spacious comfort for the whole family to enjoy.

Master Suite Renovations

Master suites are becoming increasingly popular in Ontario. Whether you have in-laws moving in to stay or children moving home after being away, a master suite can give you a place to get away from the family for a while. We can help you enjoy everything from fireplaces and lounge areas to home offices and expansive spas that would make the world’s fanciest hotels blush.

Home Additions

It is our pleasure to help you enlarge your home to meet the needs of a growing family or changing lifestyle. We can add any feature or room you desire, whether you want a home office, home theater, game room, or simply a larger bedroom. 

Custom Home Builds

Sometimes, it is better to start from scratch than try to remodel an existing home. Building a custom home allows you to design each room to be a perfect match for the intended use and the lifestyle you want to enjoy. We can take the latest design trends and blend them with your specific tastes to create a custom home that will be the last home you ever want to own. In addition, we are experts at blending your custom home into the wetlands and deciduous forests that are the hallmarks of the area. 

Have You Heard the Buzz About Golden Bee Homes?

We have been busy as bees at Golden Bee Homes, and the results speak for themselves. Our designs and expert craftsmanship have been showcased in numerous publications, including The Globe and Mail, Calgary Sun, Toronto Star, and Ontario Home Builders’ Association. From kitchens and bathrooms to master suites and custom home builds, homeowners throughout King City are eager to see what we can do next.

But why wait? It is our pleasure to serve you and bring your design vision to life. No matter how complex or creative the idea, our team has the skills and expertise to make it a reality. 

Contact Golden Bee Homes at (647) 494-4735 to learn more about our services and discuss your ideas with our designers and artisans.