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Get Your Dream Home Renovation in Kleinburg

Looking to turn your home into the dream oasis you’ve always wanted? Golden Bee Homes is here to deliver! With our wide range of renovation services, from single rooms to whole-home renovations, our team of expert contractors and designers can bring your vision to life!

Get the home of your dreams with the help of professionals from Golden Bee Homes! Call now at (416) 495-8282 to schedule an appointment with our team.

Our Renovation Services

No matter your vision, Golden Bee Homes can bring it to life. We offer a full range of renovation services to meet all your needs. Our list of services in the Kleinburg area include:

Whole-Home Renovations

You can have a whole-home renovation that revs up everything from flooring to paint colors and more with our design team. We’ll work closely with you to create the perfect haven that combines beautiful aesthetics and convenient functionality.

Master Suite Renovations

The master suite is your home within your home, the sanctuary that is yours to sleep in, wake up in, and bask in. Do it up practical or stylish with the help of our designing experts!

Condo Renovations

Traditional homes aren’t our only area of expertise. Despite sharing the exterior of your home with other Kleinburg residents, Golden Bee Homes can make your condo renovation a 100% unique and personalized oasis meant just for you.

Bathroom Renovations

Turn your bathroom into a throne room fit for royalty! Our designers can help you create a bathroom that makes excellent use of space while meeting your artistic vision.

Kitchen Renovations

With the kitchen being among the most used rooms in your home, we consider it an extension of yourself, a place to create memories and strengthen bonds. Our experts will leave you feeling like the kitchen is truly where the heart is with brand new backsplashes, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Custom Home Building

Have a vision so unique that a pre-made home just won’t cut it? Golden Bee Homes can build a custom home for you! We can design and build a home that is unlike any other.

Home Additions

Looking to add more room to your current layout? Golden Bee Homes can create more space in a way that’s visually pleasing and practical with our home addition services!

Whatever your project, we’re ready to handle it! Have any questions? Speak with one of our professional designers at (416) 495-8282 or reach out to us online.

Choose Golden Bee for Your Next Renovation Project

Golden Bee Homes is here to transform your home into a place you’ll love! From small single-room projects to whole-home transformations, we have the expertise and know-how to bring your dream to fruition. As proud donors to Habitat for Humanity, our commitment to protecting the environment is long-standing. So rest assured your renovations will also be eco-friendly!

Give your home the perfect makeover with renovations with Golden Bee Homes! Schedule a virtual consultation online or call us at (416) 495-8282.


Can changes be requested after renovations have started?

Changes can be requested, but be mindful that it may mean additional charges to the original price.

What are some planning mistakes I should avoid?

Renovation projects always involve risk, but taking steps early in advance makes it much less likely for things to go wrong later down the line. Our designers can help devise a plan of action.

What’s the timeline I should expect for my project?

The duration of your project will depend on a number of factors, including the scale of the renovation and the materials needed. Speak with one of our representatives for a consultation.