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Home Renovation Services in Markham, Ontario, CA


Does your home in Markham need an upgrade? Golden Bee Homes can help you make it happen. Work alongside our team of home renovation experts to develop custom solutions to make your home more of whatever you want it to be: more comfortable, more beautiful, more valuable. Whether you’re looking to improve a particular room to alleviate a problem or satisfy a specific desire or dream, or want to renovate your entire home and transform it into something wholly new, we’re ready to take on the challenge with the right skills, experience, and tools.

If you’re looking for renovations in Markham, ON, choose Golden Bee Homes to help. Reach out to our renovation team at 416-495-8282 or contact us online.


Golden Bee Homes provides a full selection of home renovation, addition, and custom build services to clients in Markham. Whether you’re looking for function, form, return-on-investment, or all of it, we can help. Our services include:


We can revitalize your entire home with a whole-home renovation. We’ll assess the current state of your home, work with you to determine your goals for its future, and develop the solutions necessary to transform your home from what it is to what you want it to be. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way, so you can control what happens to your Markham home. Many Markham residents work in tech, so we’re always happy to help you adapt your home to make use of the latest and greatest innovations.


Even if you can’t make every change you might like to the exterior of your Markham condo or have to adhere to specific guidelines for the interior, you can still make it your dream home with the help of the team at Golden Bee Homes. Our award-winning condo renovation services can make your condo everything you want it to be while still staying inside all requisite guidelines.


Everyone longs for a more functional and beautiful kitchen — and with the team at Golden Bee Homes on your side, you can have one. We’ll work closely with you to choose materials, fixtures, colors, and designs, in accordance with your goals, preferences, and budget, to make sure we get as close to your ideal kitchen as possible.


A bathroom should always be a comfortable place free from frustrations. If you need more space, more storage, newer fixtures, or more features, Golden Bee Homes can help. We’ll turn your bathroom into your perfect sanctuary, whatever that might mean to you personally.


You likely spend much of your time in the master suite — most of it, if you count sleep! That makes it well worth the investment to make your Markham home’s master suite into a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space that you can sit in for hours and hours without being frustrated, bored, or uncomfortable. We can make your master suite more practical, more comfortable, more stylish, more private — it’s all up to you.


Need more space in your home than simple renovations and clever use of the existing space can achieve? It might be time to consider additions. Add a rec room, a mother-in-law suite, an additional bathroom, more bedrooms — or expand existing spaces! We’ll take care of the entire process of your home addition, including all necessary permits, so you have to think about what you want out of the upgrade.


If you’re planning to build a new home instead of adjusting an existing one, Golden Bee Homes can also help with that. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter Markham home! Our team can create a custom home that can truly be your home — even if you choose to maintain the character and style of one of Markham’s many historic neighborhoods.  


Golden Bee Homes’ renovation services will make your home exactly what you need. We center our design and build processes around the client, making sure we think carefully about what you’re trying to achieve at every step. We also build eco-friendly, green homes — which just so happen to be more comfortable and less expensive to maintain. Our Bee Green renovation process helps you:

  • Minimize your carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of the latest home material technologies
  • Reduce utility costs through superior insulation and weatherproofing, protecting you against Markham’s frigid winters and warm, wet summers

We also proudly donate to Habitat for Humanity.

Ready for a home renovation consultation? Contact Golden Bee Homes by dialing 416-495-8282 or contact us online.