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Create Your Dream Home With Expert Renovation Services in Thornhill!

If you’re looking to give your Thornhill home that new and improved feel, look no further than Golden Bee Homes! We offer a full line of renovation services for homeowners looking to bring their dream home to life through expert design, organization, and high-quality craftsmanship.

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Our Renovation Services

No matter your budget, taste, or functional needs, we offer a wide range of home renovation services that bring your vision to life! In the Thornhill area, we offer:

Whole-Home Renovations

Make your whole-home feel like a brand new place by renovating your entire home! Achieve the perfect aesthetic for every room in your home with precision with the help of our team.

Master Suite Renovations

A master bedroom is where you need to be able to unwind. Transform your current master suite into a space with privacy, style, and practicality, making it a room for blissful sleep, peace, and tranquility.

Condo Renovations

While you can’t change the outside of your condo building, we can help make your condo all your own, complete with unique designs that showcase your personality in the best of ways with our condo renovation services.

Bathroom Renovations

Considering that we spend nearly 73 hours a year in our bathrooms, why not make it a room worth enjoying? With our bathroom designs, you can create a space that’s elegant, artistic, and functional.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be exciting and transformative. Our team will help you decide on materials, fixtures, and other additions to make your kitchen a room where memories are made.

Home Additions

Whether you’ve decided to grow your family or simply want more room, you might be feeling a bit cramped in your home. Our team of experts can help create more space with home addition renovations!

Custom Home Building

Sometimes a pre-made home just doesn’t meet your vision of a dream home. That’s where we come in! From the exterior to the finer details, Golden Bee Homes can deliver a custom home renovation unique to your desires.

Golden Bee Homes is the best choice for any home renovation project, no matter how big or small! Reach out online or call (416) 495-8282 now.

Why Choose Golden Bee Homes?

Golden Bee Homes is on a mission to make your home into the perfect living space while also making it both eco-friendly and energy-efficient, saving you money on monthly energy bills! We are also proud donors to Habitat for Humanity because we truly believe that beauty and satisfaction don’t have to come at the expense of sustainability.

Golden Bee Homes is the leading provider of professional home renovations in Thornhill. Contact us online or call (416) 495-8282 for a free consultation!

Facts About Thornhill, ON

Thornhill is a peaceful town we’re happy to serve because:

  • Neighboring Toronto, Thornhill is the perfect blend of suburban and city living.
  • Thornhill is an ever-growing community that offers great economic opportunity and is a perfect place to raise a family.
  • It holds a rich history of being a primary service center when the surrounding areas were nothing more than farmland during the mid-19th century.