Stuart | Golden Bee Homes


October 28, 2015


To whom it may Concern:


My sister and I own a property in one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto, right on the intersection of Queen and Duncan.


We wanted to renovate the facade of our building, as after so many years the structure started deteriorating, and safety was becoming a big concern. So we needed a professional renovator to whom we could trust and rely on as the building is affected by the historical act of Toronto.


After interviewing Jack, we were happy with his amount of knowledge on how to start our project, from permit, to street occupancy and covering the city’s electrical cables for safety. So we knew that Golden Bee Homes Inc. was the right fit, and being a Renomark member was the icing on the cake.


Jack kept us informed on every stage of the project, and as the work was on scaffold, he sent us photos to let us know what was going on and how his crew was fixing all these cracks which some of them came to 5 inches wide. With his trained crew, we were really relaxed and enjoyed the progress of the work.


We were very pleased with the outcome, the site supervisors Pars and Daron were very courteous to our Tenants, informing them about the noises and when to close or open up the windows during the hot summer construction period.


Regardless jack encountered extras, he didn’t charge us for those expenses, it was really nice to deal with the calibre and honesty of this Renovator.


We will recommend Golden Bee Homes and his team to anyone who is looking for any project and needs it done on time and on budget.


Thank you,