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P. P.

August 3, 2020

Last year when I was looking for a renovation company to completely redo my condo, after much research, I came across Golden Bee Homes. From the first meeting with Jack and Varak, to the planning and budget meetings with Jack and Apo, to the day to day dealings and details of the project with Pars, it has been a most pleasant experience. Right away I felt comfortable, everyone was always friendly, respectful, honest and considerate.

Looking back at the last few months, I can say that I was in good hands and my best interest was always a priority.

The project included a total gutting of the unit, including the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, all floors and ceilings, altering some walls, all plumbing and electrical and much more.

The level of professionalism, organisation, experience, knowledge of the industry, quality of workmanship, attention to every detail and interaction with the condominium management have all been exemplary.

At every stage of the planning and during the several months of construction there was always total communication. Apo and Pars were very helpful and explained everything very clearly. Pars took care of everything, supervised all the work and all the trades. He was always patient and available to answer all my questions and to discuss every minute detail that I had in mind. Thank you for making my renovation project a fun and enjoyable experience.

My condo looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Golden Bee Homes. 

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N. N. H.

July 5, 2020

To Whomever It May Concern,

Based on the recommendation of friends, I contracted Golden Bee to replace the front door of my 1920 built home.  I mention the year of construction as the house has shifted over the years and the project was not a simple matter of ordering and replacing.

I was very happy with the personalized service I received from Mr. Jack Torossian when selecting a door and accessories as well as the actual installation of said door and accessories.  A Golden Bee supervisor was on site the entire time to ensure the work was done to their high standards, despite the relatively small scope of my project.  Upon completion of the job, I was told to feel free to call if any problems should arise in the future.  Needless to say no such call was needed.  These days, it’s rare to find a company who stands behind their work the way Golden Bee does.

I was so happy with my experience that I would not hesitate to recommend Golden Bee to anyone who asks. 

Yours truly,

N. N. H.

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C. L.

June 24, 2020

We are happy to offer a letter of recommendation to Jack and Golden Bee.

Their work is simply outstanding. We’ve had 5 separate contractors work on previous home, an antique Victorian home over the last 15 years, all engaged to implement modern, state-of-the-art, minimalist/contemporary design directions within its 1896 exterior.
Without question — and by a large margin — Jack and his colleagues at Golden Bee remain the hands-down winners in every respect. We would be hard-pressed to put our admiration of and appreciation for Jack and Golden Bee into adequate words, but we’ll try:

• they delivered superlative work under or within spitting distance of our budget;
• there were no surprises on budget or timing;
• their communication is excellent;
• their trades are highest quality in performance, polite, friendly
• special shout-out to Pars for his unmatchable work in site supervision.

Above all, Jack and Golden Bee’s warmth and humanity establish them as true winners in the renovation and construction field.
We recommend them fully, without reservation.

C. L.

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S. M.

June 21, 2020

To whom It May Concern:

I hired Golden Bee Homes to do renovations in the condo I bought approximately six years ago and was very pleased both with the process and the result.  Then when I had hip surgery two years ago and they said I could not go home unless I had safety bars in my shower, I called Jack. He arranged for Pars to come with the bars and install them on the day I was released.   So, when I decided to renovate my foyer and guest bathroom, I did not even contact anyone else- I called Jack.  Their service begins right from the beginning.  Jack came and looked at what I was planning and gave me some excellent advice about design, materials, brands, and types of faucets as well as recommending where to go to shop.  I was particularly pleased with the quality of the custom vanity from the company he deals with. Once I had selected everything we met to review and sign the contract.

Because I am in a condo, I had to complete a Reno permission form and submit it to my Property Manager for approval prior to the job.  When I went to give it to him, he took one glance at it, said to me “This is the same company you used before?” I said yes, he signed it right there and then commenting on how professional they were and said he wished everyone would be like that!!

Pars was my Site Manager and promptly on the scheduled day he was there at 9am with the crew to do the demolition.  They completed it, cleaned up and took everything away.   Because this is a condo there are rules designating times of work and Pars made sure that they never started before 9 and always ended by 5.  My neighbours were most appreciative.  They put up plastic “curtains” to keep dust out of rest of house during construction.

The job started near the end of February… and the pandemic happened!  Thank God for Pars!! He went out and got all materials on site before the stores closed ( or we wouldn’t have had tiles and I don’t know what else!!) he made sure that only one trade was in sure at a time and that I was safe. (I had to be home during most of this time).  Because of the pandemic there were a few short delays, but Pars always kept me informed. I also think that because Golden Bee and Pars have a good working relationship with the various trades, those people were more inclined to give my job some priority. All the tradespeople were polite, professional, friendly, and skilled. Pars supervised and checked the work at each stage. I think that one reason Golden Bee is such a good contractor is because they have a designated and dedicated Site Manager. Although he may he supervising more than one job he was always here to review the scope of work prior to starting, came back during and always near the end of the day to inspect and make sure site was left clean.

The final product is even more beautiful than pictures can show and, as important, it is functional.  The vanity has amazing storage, the glass in tub is hinged to make it easy getting in and out (that was their suggestion) and Pars curved the top, so it is sleeker.  I must mention the “towel bars”.  When I said I wanted the deeper tub Jack immediately said I should have a safety bar to get in and out.  I did not want “little old lady” bars!!! So, I went to the recommended store with the measurements I had agreed upon with Pars and chose two bars that look like towel bars.  (I phoned and texted Pars from the store to make sure they were okay) Pars made sure there was reinforcement behind the tiles and installed them so they are the perfect height both outside the tub and inside for the shower. They look nice but they can be used for support.

So, I recommend Golden Bee to anyone who wants a quality renovation with no aggravation!! They always answer their phone – Jack, Pars, and the rest of the staff.

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O. P.

November 5, 2019

When my family was considering doing renovations to our home, a friend recommended that we call Golden Bee Homes Inc, a professional Renomark Renovator.

Our original plan was to renovate our home, but after a few meetings with Jack, we ended up deciding to build a custom home instead.

Needless to say, this was a huge project that created some nervous excitement for us as a family. Soon after starting the process, the nervousness started to disappear.

Jack and his entire crew managed to make a large project like building a custom home enjoyable from beginning to end. They listened to all of our ideas and came up with a design that we could not imagine being any better. When our budget became stretched, they suggested smart ways for us to save money. When we changed our minds about several things once the drawings were finalized, they made the changes without issue. Not only that, since they were actually ahead of schedule, they were also able to complete our home within the promised 1-year time period.

Throughout the year of construction, we obviously had a lot of conversations with Jack and his crew. Regardless of how simple or how in depth the question was, everyone was eager to reply to our phone calls or emails with all the answers that were necessary to put our minds at ease Their knowledge, professionalism and emphasis on making sure that we were 100% happy with our project showed that building our home really was a true labour of love for Jack and his crew.

Golden Bee Homes has made a lasting impression on us and I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know. Our new home is something that we are incredibly proud of and truly is a dream come true.

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L. A.

May 11, 2019

To any potential customer of Golden Bee Homes,

My parents recently went through the process of downsizing from their large family house into a condo that was renovated and prepared by Jack from Golden Bee Homes. Moving from a house which was home for almost 40 years is always difficult thing to go through. The house is full of memories and the process can become very emotional and difficult to deal with.

The apartment was excellent. When I first entered, I thought “This is it!” I really wanted them to buy this place because it was really stunning. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Everything was of the utmost quality and this was clearly seen in many aspects. It was so good that my parents decided to put a down payment on before the house was even sold, because they didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

My parents purchased the apartment in September, but due to the amount of time it took to sell their house, they moved in late October of 2018. Helping my parents settle in, I called Jack a few times to ask some questions about various things. He was always obliging and was never too busy to help. He even provided me with floor plans and some photos of the apartment during renovation so I could see the way in which things were done.

Some small issues came up and Jack was always ready to come in and take care of things, fix things up, and make sure that my parents were completely satisfied. And all this over a month after the deal was done. That’s after sale service.

My parents have been living there now for over six months, and they both continuously say that they thank God for this apartment, and they continue to praise it’s quality. They are truly enjoying the place, and this makes me feel great as well.

Jack, keep making people happy with the services you provide. You’re not only renovating/building houses and apartments, but you’re creating homes for people, and making sure they’re happy, even months after purchase. I just wanted to say thanks Jack, God bless you richly, and I truly wish you success in all you do.

A satisfied son,

L. A.

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