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V. & D

October 25, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

We are happy to be able to provide this letter of recommendation for Jack Torossian, his core team of workers at Golden Bee Homes and the various subcontractors he assigned to our home.

Simply put, we are absolutely delighted by the extraordinary results they achieved together in the renovation of our basement this summer. We are no less impressed by all the essential things they did along the way to achieve those results. Most notably, we are struck by the care and thoughtfulness and energy and professionalism and common sense and courtesy they showed throughout
the project, in every aspect and at every step.

With Jack and his capable foreman Pars leading the way, the entire group was clearly intent on meeting our requirements with efficiency and skill, as well as taking pride in what they accomplished. There were a few unexpected challenges, but the response was calm and measured, and solutions were developed and applied.

We are especially appreciative of the project management expertise Jack and Pars brought to the effort, in terms of scheduling the work, coordinating the trades, and keeping the project on track.

We also want to acknowledge their insight and sensitivity in the realm of customer service and communication. They made it a priority to keep the information flowing back and forth, to make sure we understood what was happening at each step, and to offer many practical suggestions and recommendations. They also tried their best to minimize the impact of the renovation on our home life.

All in all, we are deeply impressed by the quality of the results that were achieved in this project and by the ability, dedication and character of everyone who had a hand in bringing those results to life.