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Vahan and Dikranuhi

November 1, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:


We are happy to be able to provide this letter of recommendation for Jack Torossian of Golden Bee Homes and his supporting cast of workers, subcontractors and suppliers.


Earlier this year we noticed that the heated floor in our basement washroom was no longer working. The heated floor had been installed nearly 3 years earlier during a major renovation of our basement by Golden Bee Homes. When we contacted Jack about it, he was anxious to make things right and get the system functioning normally again, at no extra cost to us, even though the expiry date for parts and service had expired.


The original electrician was called back to diagnose the problem, and he subsequently brought in the manufacturer’s representative to help analyze the situation. Working together, they determined that the source of the problem was an extremely unusual and unexpected failure of the electrical wiring component under the tile. They also devised a plan to put certain special safeguards in place when the new replacement component was being installed.


Reinstallation of the electrical component needed to be coordinated with several other activities. The tile setter was called in to remove a certain portion of the tiles, along with the wiring underneath, and to do the necessary prep work. As well, new matching tiles needed to be ordered and delivered. (Happily, the very same high-quality tiles were still available from the tile supplier.) Once the new electrical component was in place, the tile setter returned on consecutive days to add a layer of concrete, to install the new tiles and to do the grouting.


Finally, the transition strip between the bathroom tile and the laminate flooring in the adjacent hallway needed to be replaced. When it was learned that the exact piece was no longer available from the manufacturer, Jack’s foreman Pars proceeded to create a first-rate copy of the strip himself.


Jack made good on his promise to make things right. We were very pleased by the result. And we are extremely happy we had used the professional services of this outstanding RenoMark™ renovator.


Sincerely yours,

Vahan & Dikranuhi