Vanna | Golden Bee Homes


October 20, 2015


To Whom It May Concern:


It is our pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Golden Bee Homes Inc.


Golden Bee Homes has recently completed the renovation of our kitchen, wall removal for open concept. The renovation turned out better than we hoped. We have been satisfied with everything you have done for us.


Jack provided very fair price and clear explanation with regards to the extras in timely fashion, and was careful and perceptive in renovating according to the instructions of the contract documents. He always informed us well in advance of potential problems. During the course of the construction, the company demonstrated many outstanding qualities including: sensitivity to building code, adherence to safety rules, ability to manage required changes during the course of the work, excellence workmanship, and attention to detail. His subcontractors offered practical solutions when problem arose. I felt that they were efficiently coordinated and working together for the best result.


We were very impressed with the whole process of renovation. We could not have been more pleased not only with the result but also the way Jack and his company conducted the whole process.


Yours truly,