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Whole-Home Renovations in Toronto, ON

Are you interested in modernizing your interior? Perhaps you want your home to better suit your aesthetic tastes, or maybe it no longer fits your needs. Whatever the case, the experienced, knowledgeable team at Golden Bee Homes is here for you. We offer a complete renovation experience from start to finish, with a commitment to outstanding quality, on-time and on-budget completion. Our team goes above & beyond and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Reasons to Renovate Your Whole Home

Completing a whole-home remodel can help you accomplish these goals:

  • Age in place: Relocating the master suite to the ground floor, widening doors and hallways, and replacing exterior stairs with ramps are updates that help accommodate your changing needs as you age.
  • Create a more eco-friendly design: Going green is not a passing fad. By adding sustainable features to your home, you’ll reduce waste, breathe cleaner air, and lower your utility costs.
  • Add more space: With a whole-home renovation, you can get the extra square footage you need for your growing family without moving.
  • Modernize your home: Perhaps your ageing house is uncomfortable, dated, or poses safety risks. Renovating your entire house addresses all of these concerns.

Aspects of a Whole-Home Renovation

While you can certainly renovate one room at a time, many of our clients find it beneficial to redo more than half of the house all at once. Here are the kinds of renovations we can complete during your whole-home transformation:

  • Bathroom renovations: Update your bathrooms to include dual sinks, frameless showers, ample storage space, and luxurious detailing.
  • Kitchen renovations: We can simply replace the materials and finishes in your kitchen, or we can reconfigure the entire layout to cater to your inner chef.
  • Master suite renovations: Get more out of your private home retreat with a spacious walk-in closet, electrical upgrades, and a new bathroom with all the latest amenities.
  • Home additions: Have you always wanted an office, wine cellar, or rec room? Add one during your whole-home renovation to make your house larger and more functional.
  • Floor plan alterations: Reconfiguring your home’s layout involves knocking down and putting up load-bearing walls, adding storage, and relocating staircases to improve flow and functionality.
  • Basements and attics: Finishing the basement or converting the attic into a living space could be the perfect way to add a guest suite, playroom, or “man cave” without building an add-on.


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Why Choose Golden Bee Homes?

Whether your renovation involves one room or the entire house, you want a team that boasts keen attention to detail and preparedness for any hidden surprises that could arise. Approach us with nothing more than a problem that needs solving, and we’ll get to work designing and delivering a solution!

Our design/build process includes all the services you need from start to finish, including:

  • Design
  • Drafting
  • Permit application
  • Project management
  • Construction

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole-Home Renovations

Is it cheaper to renovate or move?

The answer depends on your mortgage situation, the state of the housing market, and other factors. The fact is, buying an existing home always comes with compromises, while a whole-home renovation delivers every feature you could possibly want.

Is it worth the cost to renovate my house?

Whether you’re going for increased quality of life or a good return on investment, you’ll achieve your goals with a whole-home renovation. Trust our team to work closely with you to ensure the results are precisely what you’re looking for.

What are some popular design trends for 2021?

Seeking inspiration for your whole-home renovation? Consider these popular trends:

  • Large picture windows
  • Home offices
  • Multi-functional rooms
  • Earth-toned colour schemes
  • Minimalist designs

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At Golden Bee Homes, our goal is to create a space that excites you when you wake up in the morning and return home in the evening. We have the unique ability to deliver what you once thought was out of reach—your dream home, exactly as you envision it!

To begin your whole-home renovation, please contact us for a free consultation, we pride ourselves on being available, concise, and patient!